C.A.C.I Synergy

The revolutionary CACI Synergy treatment offers the newest tech in Anti-ageing innovation by combined LED light and microcurrent therapy for better and faster skin rejuvenation results
The dual action of the LED therapy and S.P.E.D ( simultaneous photo electrical delivery) microcurrent technology stimulates tissue rejuvenation and encourages collagen production. Microcurrent therapy is widely used as an aesthetic Anti-ageing treatment that encourages the facial muscles to lift and tone the skin. Results in radiant, younger, hydrated plump skin.

• Lifts & tightens facial muscles
• Brightens and hydrates the skin
• Heals skin blemishes & scar marks
•Increases collagen and elastin in the skin
• Boosts skin vitality by stimulating cell growth renewal

C.A.C.I classic Synergy ( with S.P.E.D technology)

60 mins €100
Course of 10 €900

C.A.C.I rejuvenate Synergy

This CACI treatment involves the classic CACI procedure with added wrinkle comb application , this acts as a mimic to filler for lines around mouth and deeper lines needing filling. An ultrasonic skin peel is also included to refresh the skin, (S.P.E.D technology included)

70 mins €125
Course of 10 €1100

C.A.C.I Synergy Complete

This CACI treatment includes Orbital dermabrasion with S.P.E.D technology to begin , all the procedures of the rejuvenate CACI are applied plus a pure collagen and hydratone mask. This treatment addresses every skin condition possible and has been compared to a facelift by the media.
85 minutes €150
Course of 10 €1350

CACI EYE Treatment ( with S.p.e.d technology)

This treatment is the latest in skin rejuvenation for the delicate eye area. Using LED light therapy and microcurrent to help tighten and condition the skin surrounding the eye, also lifts the eyebrow and reduces dark circles and puffy eyes.
30 mins €60
Course of 6 €300


The CACI jowl lift uses new Quad probe applicators designed to double the lifting action of the CACI treatment for a firm and toned jawline. Recently voted 5 stars by Image magazine
€48 ( course of 10 €440)