Hair Removal

Epil Pro Permanent Hair Reduction

Epil-Pro : Innovation through sound

Epil-Pro is a specialist in-salon progressive hair reduction treatment for unwanted hair.

It harnesses the power of sound energy which travels precisely down the hair shaft striking and degenerating the papillary cells at the root without any damage to the surrounding skin.

10 good reasons to choose Epil-Pro

  1. Effective for all skin tonesSuitable for all hair colours
  2. No risk of skin trauma- no burning, no scarring or pitting,no pigmentation issues
  3. Pinpoint precision for highly sensitive areas
  4. Relatively pain-free
  5. An entire area can be treated and cleared in one session
  6. Suitable for diabetics
  7. Effective for distorted follicles,eg PCOS sufferers
  8. Safe to used on tanned skin and during summer months
  9. Can be used on sensitive areas of the body

€55 per treatment up to 20 minutes
€70 per treatment up to 30 minutes